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PANalytical presenta su nuevo video del difractómetro de rayos X de mesa AERIS para Educación e Investigación

Abril 2017

Acquiring all information from a material is the key for any researcher. PANalytical offers non-destructive, cutting-edge characterization solutions for your precious samples, whether they are solids, fluids, thin films or nano-materials. Our solutions give you detailed information on elemental and/or phase composition, crystalline quality, and/or nanoparticle size distributions and shape, to name a few. Whether you investigate materials in an academic, a governmental or an industrial environment, PANalytical offers instruments designed for ease of use, with a fast learning curve, which give best-in-class results and come with extensive documentation and support materials.


Versatile X-ray scattering platform

The Empyrean Nano edition is a hybrid laboratory X-ray scattering instrument. It uniquely enables for a variety of techniques for the structural characterization of (nano)materials on multiple length scales.

Main applications:
• SAXS and WAXS: Small-and wide-angle X-ray scattering
• Bio-SAXS:     SAXS on biological macromolecules
• USAXS:      Ultra small-angle X-ray scattering
• Total scattering:    Atomic pair distribution function (PDF)

Several other applications, such as powder diffraction, thin film analysis and CT can be added – also as later upgrades.

The high performance and flexibility of the instrument are driven by a high-resolution goniometer platform, a modular concept and latest detector technology.

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